Franklin Alley Social Club Leagues

Why join?

Of course you can visit FASC as a member of the general public but why would you? League membership includes league nights where you can play for free, awesome merchandise, access to special events, special drink rates and more!


· Teams will consist of 4 - 10 players
(4 players are needed to play per league night, the rest of your team can hang out, enjoy drink/food specials and cheer from the sidelines. Substitutions are sometimes needed and allowed!)

· We have 8pm and 9pm slots on Monday and Tuesday nights. We have a bocce league and a shuffleboard league available. You can even do both for the price of one membership.

· Teams will play at the same time each week.

· The Fall Season begins TBD and runs for 10 weeks concluding with the playoffs and our Championship Banquet

·   Full team registration costs $500 per team (this can be up to 10 team members remember! Friends = cheaper).


League Perks!

·  You'll get FREE court time ALL SEASON LONG! The moment you register it is game on! This applies to shuffleboard and bocce although you may decide you excel in one over the other. *Based on availability of courts.

·  Super awesome membership card that earns you so much street cred.

· Drink specials, trophies, fun prizes and so much fun you can’t even stand it

·  Bragging rights for life!